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AI Strategy Conference

2023 AI Strategy Conference Tracks

AI Strategy Conference

Generative AI & LLMs

The ability for AI models to create new text, images, and similar content from trained data seems almost like magic. As research advances, this creative ability continues to improve, bringing both new opportunities and new concerns as it matures. In this track, we’ll explore the realm of generative AI models, discuss their strengths and where improvement is still needed, and explore ways to integrate these models safely and effectively into your organization’s products and processes.

AI Strategy Conference

AI & Organizational Change Management

The many opportunities afforded by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are often tempered by the concerns about how they will affect staff performance and employment. In this track, we explore how AI/ML is changing organizations, its impact on your business and your industry, and how to prepare your team and your company to effectively leverage these exciting new technologies.

AI Strategy Conference

AI Ethics

AI models are trained using wide data sets that come from many sources, and the outcomes from that training is changing the very nature of work. Challenges remain not only in ensuring these models are trained with minimal bias and react to inputs humanely, but also in how training data is acquired and how it will impact the day to day activities of the members of your organization. Join us as we explore these topics in ethics and AI safety and uncover processes and best practices to help your team navigate them to everyone’s benefit.

AI Strategy Conference

AI Security, Governance & Compliance

The growing power of AI is impressive, but researchers continue to place strong guardrails around their models to keep them from being used nefariously. In this track, we’ll explore the security topics relevant for AI researchers and implementors, surfacing best practices and processes that will keep your data, your users, and your AI models and system safe from bad actors and inadvertent activities.

2023 AI Strategy Conference Sessions