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Expert.ai is the premier AI platform for language understanding. Its unique approach to hybrid natural language combines symbolic human-like comprehension and machine learning to extract knowledge and insight from unstructured data to improve decision making. With a full range of on-premises, private and public cloud offerings, expert.ai enhances business operations, accelerates and scales natural language data science capabilities while simplifying AI adoption across a vast range of industries.


OutSystems is a highly productive, full-stack development platform that enables developers to rapidly build scalable, enterprise-grade web and cross-platform mobile applications from a single code base. The OutSystems visual development environment enables a laser-like focus on delivering business value, meaning that projects take a fraction of the time they would with other tech stacks.



Our goal is to bring more transparency, openness and diversity to the Swiss IT market.
We want to make the job search process for Software Engineers more enjoyable by gathering all job postings in Switzerland and presenting them in an informative way.
Our portal is not only for Developers but for everyone working in the IT industry: Engineers, SAP and System Admins, Product Managers, QAs and UX/UI Designers!


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