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October 8-10, 2019 | San Jose Convention Center

October 8-10, 2019
San Jose Convention Center


AI Dev World (October 8-10, San Jose Convention Center) will be the world’s largest artificial intelligence dev event with tracks covering chatbots, machine learning, open source AI libraries, AI for the enterprise, and deep AI / neural networks. This conference targets software engineers and data scientists who are looking for an introduction to AI as well as AI dev professionals looking for a landscape view on the newest AI technologies.

Artificial intelligence technologies are the most potentially disruptive technologies facing the world, and the real breakthroughs in AI are Ai developer technologies. Behind self-driving cars, facial recognition, healthcare AI analytics, and customer targeting, there is a new AI developer technology. AI Dev World is the hub for the newest breakthroughs in AI developer technologies.

AI Dev World Tracks

Applied Machine Learning

Applied Machine Learning

This track targets both beginners and professionals looking to utilize open source or commercial machine learning technologies to implement business solutions. We will cover libraries and frameworks, training the AI with data, and analyzing / implementing results.

Developing Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Developing Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Are you a software engineer, data scientist, or architect who is developing their own artificial intelligence solution? This track spotlights the success stories and best practices from innovative engineers.

Bots & Language Processing

Bots & Language Processing

Chatbots and natural language processing is rapidly redefining industries such as customer service and support, information search, knowledge management, and fraud detection. Learn how to utilize existing technologies to build your own chatbot or NLP solution.

AI for the Enterprise

AI for the Enterprise

What are the most common use cases for an enterprise to utilize AI? From ad targeting and customer intelligence to data analytics and security, this track will highlight success stories of using AI in the enterprise.

Deep AI and Neural Networks

Deep AI and Neural Networks

For AI professionals and advanced engineers, this track highlights the cutting edge of neural networks, automating human tasks through deep learning, advanced image / voice recognition, and thought leadership on the next phases of AI.

Emerging AI

Emerging AI

The emerging AI track covers the newest AI technologies for software engineers, data scientists, CTOs, and business users.

AI Open Source

AI Open Source

What are the newest open source AI tools, libraries, and technologies? Hear their technology pitches and meet the most disruptive open source technologies in the market.

Who Attends

Developers / Engineers
Most of the talks and workshops in Artificial Intelligence Dev World are technical and target a developer audience. These talks will range from introductory to advanced practitioners.

Data Scientists
The more advanced AI dev talks will target Intensive Ai practitioners who have experience with open source and commercial machine learning technologies.

Tech Executives
Many talks, including the AI for the Enterprise track, will target non-practitioners who are looking to make purchasing decisions regarding AI technologies for their company.

Artificial Intelligence speakers at our past events

Heather Dykstra
Developer Evangelist

Madhura Dudhgaonkar
Senior Director Machine Learning

Ram Shanmugam
Founder and CEO

Shourabh Rawat
Data Science Manager/Lead

Daniel Docter
Managing Director
Dell Technologies Capital

Patrick Grennan
One Medical
Senior Software Engineer

Grant Ingersoll

Guy Fighel
Co-Founder & CTO

Jon Peck
Developer & Advocate

Rustem Feyzkhanov
Data scientist
Astro Digital

Tessa Mero
Developer Evangelist
Cisco DevNet

Weina Chen
Watson Health UI/UX Engineer

Previous Event Sponsors

Last Year’s Attending Companies

Moodys Analytics / Hootsuite / Yelp / Expedia / / State of California / Dolby / Charles Schwab / Zappos / Walmart Labs / Visa Inc. / GoDaddy / NVIDIA / Macys / CareerBuilder / Silicon Valley Bank / RingCentral / Verizon / Salesforce / Accenture / HP / BNY MELLON / KPMG / Cisco Systems / Juniper Networks / Salesforce / Kohls / SAP / PayPal / Apple / Orange / Bofa / AT&T / Capital One / Wipro / CenturyLink Technology Solutions / Dell / PG&E / Samsung Electronics / eBay / Smith Barney / Google / Bosch / Nielsen / Intel / Lenovo / Ames Research / Microsoft / EMC / Merrill Lynch / VMware / Fujitsu / Laboratories of America / Arbonne International / GE / SoftBank U.S. Inc. / Seagate / Panasonic / Intuit / Groupon / Yahoo / Toyota / ThoughWorks / Bank of America / Wells Fargo / LoyaltyOne / BMW North America / Marriott / Ticketmaster / Warner Bros. / Nestle USA / Alaska Airlines / Adobe / Chevron / Alcatel-Lucent / Nissan / US Department of Transportation / LG Electronics Inc. / Facebook / Barnes and Noble / Qualcomm